Skimming through emails I notice it’s Tuesday again already.  I have been toying with the idea of blogging daily again, wondering if writing in the early morning Kid's drawings light planeswould work?

My work life is like this collage of light planes (drawing by students after we walked to the Reid-Hillview airport).  My projects with SJAWP and plans for intervention are all taking off and landing at the same time.

I am finding myself recharging by gardening, while the daylight lasts, or simply sitting out in the backyard…

However, I’m missing writing for fun.  Grant report writing, schedule writing, resource writing…

This collage I made on silver paper sits on the shelf by my classroom desk.  I hoped it would remind me of creativity and the freedom I felt doing art with fifth graders at the end of the year, after testing, etc.

I realize that I barely “see” the airplane collage now.  Definitely time to shift…so small changes make a big difference.  I’m going to try to write for 10-15 minutes in the morning, just for the sake of writing.

There are other healthy habits I’d like to re-instate, but I’ll take things one at a time.  Now, off to salsa rueda dance class — another thing that dropped off the map while working so much this summer.


3 thoughts on “Slicing”

  1. I’m trying to work up the nerve to try blogging daily again – even if it is just for a while. It’s so hard to get going and set that routine and so darned easy to break it. Did you see that Laurie Halse Anderson is still doing her Write for 15 Minutes a Day prompts? Maybe we can catch the tail end of it (the second half) and see where it leads us.

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