What I Really Want

2014-07-22 10.56.56

I was going to answer the group email for my (second) book club today and found my fingers going mushy on the keyboard and my enthusiasm sucked dry.  In a mealy-mouthed way I was saying, “Okay, I’ll come meet at the restaurant, although I may not get Good God Bird by then, but….” and then I erased my message.  I took a breath and then wrote the truth.  I love hanging out with you teachers and what I really want is a writing group.

And I re-read my little lime journal I’ve been carrying around recently.  One page started:  Goal 1 GET a writing group.  I was startled because I wrote it down and didn’t seem to be pursuing it.  It was the beginning of notes from Anne Lamott’s writing seminar.  The second note was [because] “need someone to see what I can’t see.”

Surely, with writing project friends and teacher friends, I can get a handful of people to commit, at least for 6 sessions, to come over and share work and write together and give feedback.  Why does that seem so hard?

I get MeetUp notices.  There’s a writers’ meet up called, “Shut up and write!” which doesn’t sound like my kind of group.  I really would prefer to sort of know the other writers, even if superficially.

So, I think maybe I’ll make an evite and send it out.  Perhaps after the first panic of starting up school, some literary teachers will think it a welcome window to come over and talk and write.

Not much of a story, but just a bit of an ongoing saga as I try to manage working in retirement and contributing to my local writing project and still find some creative time.

And the sequel to this post, I’m writing a few weeks later, is that I have a writing group.  Some teachers from SJAWP whom I truly like, respect and want to read what they write.  It’s next Wednesday and we meet in a coffee house in Campbell.  Write Away.



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