Well, here in San Jose we celebrate Cesar Chavez day on Friday, so today was the end of the work week.  We concluded with one of those lovely 12 hour workdays holding Open House from 6-7 pm this evening.

(BTW, while I’m writing this I am embattled with a stink bug who just flew onto my window shade by the lamp. I am dosing him with Ortho Home Defense Max while I write, so I’m probably getting fumes.  I have given up running to the kitchen sink and getting a cup of hot, soapy water and an implement with which to knock the little buggers into.  This is a neighborhood infestation and the organic method is just not sending the death message to these guys.)

Open house was at first uneventful so I wrote to last year’s summer writing program parents letting them know registration is open for summer 2015.  Then, finally some kids and families who did (Really, four sprays and the bug is still staggering along on one pleat of the shade.) after school writing club – my lovely EL kids we are supporting through the Family Literacy grant — came in to show off their origami books with pet stories.

paper folding Reading Origami Books sharing our booksOne girl not only read her bunny stories to her Mom and brothers, but demonstrated how to fold the paper.  She taught them how and then glued their pages together and they took the accordion fold with them.

It was good to have the parents I support through intervention and the Family Literacy grant come in and hang around to chat and admire the work.

(El Stinkbug is on his back on the floor, still doing imaginary walking.  I can’t put him out of his misery because, well, there’s a reason for their name.)

I got home to Mom having tortillas and beans and homemade guacamole from the generous large avocado donation of book club friend.  And, I made a Cosmo with the best organic lime I’ve ever tasted.

Now the three day weekend begins.  I think I’ll go catch an episode of Gilmore Girls with the Mom and call it a week.

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