I haven’t given much attention to the study of personality types, although I remember being very interested in Carl Jung’s archetypes.  The following is an excerpt from the explanation that came with my Enneagram results.  I took the short, free test last week and came out a 9.  I didn’t think it was accurate, so I did the 144 question, “real” test giving it more attention this evening, and yep, I’m a 9.  The type name is Peacemaker. My second place type was a tie between Enthusiast and Achiever.  However, here’s the growth recommendation for 9’s, which I wish I’d understood about 40 years ago.

29072332084_f4bcb2238f_oGrowing Nines must also remember that they will never have union with anyone else unless and until they have union with themselves. If they are accommodating to a fault, they will eventually lose the other person because they have never possessed themselves. When they learn that self-assertion is not an aggressive act but a positive thing, Nines are in a position to truly bring peace and harmony to everyone in their environment.

© 2016 The Enneagram Institute

Even though I haven’t studied much popular psychology, I am into personal growth this year and have been doing and journaling self reflection, Kriya yoga study, and life observation.  So, self-assertion is a good thing, huh?  I like it when I see my friends do it gracefully.  I cringe when people assert themselves rudely without thought.  But it is true that I am all too accommodating.  Have been, and tend to be.

Just the idea!  Union with myself, the peace of at-oneness within my own mind and person is fascinating.  And it is a “message” or a theme that has threaded through this year of seeking dharmic living, so far.  And, to be truthful, which writers are supposed to be, it comes as a surprise to me that such a thing is considered ordinary and possible by some, many or most?  I guess it has been off my belief radar.

To be fair to my slightly muffled ego, I have felt more aligned and in union with my self – and exhibited some self-assertiveness recently when I have declined things to do, meetings to go to, for example, requests that I ordinarily would have complied with.  “That’s won’t work for me,” is an under-used mantra, but lately I’ve been experiencing its value.  And I am thinking of some other opportunities in the near future to put it into practice again…like a muscle that needs to be developed.

Union with myself.  I am not even sure what that will really look like.  How will I know it?  This connection with being “self-assertive” in the Enneagram write-up is something to try out and see what I learn.  Experiment.

Being self-possessed.  At one.  Not compromised.  Hmm…while it sounds like a tall order, it also feels worth the while.


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