tuesday SOL

It amazes me how such a simple thing as noticing an email invite reminded me to open my neglected blog and get back into the groove. As I am developing the art sections of the blog, I am thrilled to be returning to daily posting with the March Challenge. Thank you TwoWriting Teachers!

Now being really retired, since I have given up my post on the SJ Area Writing Project leadership team, as well as having completed a flurry of freelance professional development — and going into my second full year of not being in the reading intervention classroom — I have time to garden, to write, to fix things around the house, and to do art.

My new medium grew as a surprise out of making a book chronicling in cartoon my retirement trip to south of France, where I stayed with a dear friend. We happen to both have the nickname, Bunny. I was so grateful after my time at her cabanon in a little village near Cassis, that I decided I’d draw our bunny adventures.

At home, I tried sketches to get our rabbit characters, but I was stuck. I thought I was going to do small ink drawings, with four to a frame in a little notebook I’d bought at Muji. It wasn’t working.

Then I remembered that another friend had invited me to a scrapbook making party and I had an empty, but lovely frame for 10 x 10 plastic sheets. Now I got excited, because size was one missing ingredient and the other was color.

I began to develop a drawing, with support from my photo album and then ink it partially and then water-color brush the figures and a bit of background with markers. I was charmed. They made me laugh.

Then a neighbor wanted a book for her twin grand nieces, so I expanded my bunny drawing repertoire to 3-year olds. They are even more fun that older women in yoga pants and sunglasses. Toddlers wear really cute shoes and t-shirts. The second book theme was all the things that Chloe and Zoe love.

Here’s a sample:

Copyright River Brown 2020

One thought on “tuesday SOL”

  1. Oh, how I wish I could draw. Alas, I’m quite terrible at it. One of these days I’ll take some drawing classes. Until then, I’ll try to paint pictures with my words.

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