Let's Draw Comics

Welcome to Day 3

1-minute song – In the Silence, Rich Berreta
Another 1-minute song – Quad City Knock, 95 South

QUICK DRAW CHALLENGE – 4 one minute self-portraits

Get 4 cards ready!

Here’s the pattern. Draw yourself for 1 minute with one feeling/attitude from this list. Then get a new card and repeat with a new feeling/attitude.

Draw yourself…




when you were a baby

as somebody’s pet


the winner

as an adult, a grown -up

Thanks to Lynda Barry’s lesson on pgs 43-47 we’ve got a good start on cartooning. Now we’re on our own!

How did that go? You might want to color or shade some of these drawings. Remember that you can show drawings to someone, and even show the cards to each other. [I know, cartooning is crazy, huh?]

Can you guess which word/s from the list I used for each of my 1-minute drawings today? [see photo below]

WOW, one minute is a very short time to draw!

7 thoughts on “Let's Draw Comics”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! My 9 year old loves to draw comics, and we are both at home while school is cancelled. I have been helping him do some practice work in his subject while his school ramps up distance learning, but he has been missing art. (He’s at a school that incorporates art into everything, and he also has elective and after school art classes.) I showed him your post and told him you were doing it all week, and we are stoked to add some art challenges to our “school time” tomorrow. Thank you so much for the simple instructions and the challenges! I will be joining him for the astronaut in space and turning into an animal challenges tomorrow morning, and we look forward to the others.

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