Let's Draw Comics

Welcome to Day 4

Set up at least 4 cards/Post-Its and draw frames on them.

Index cards work great. The frame is important. Inside is where things happen. Outside the frame is just paper.

Warm up by looking over all your cards.

Practice looking. Notice ideas.

Let’s go back to 3-minute drawings today. Have your song that’s about that long, or a timer on hand.

Drawing 1

You’ll draw yourself any way you like — but with your non-dominant hand. That means use the hand you don’t usually write or draw with. [I’m left handed so I’ll be drawing with my right hand.] READY? Go!

Well, what happened? What was that like?

I’ll confess I started my timer and drew a big head. “Wait! Stop, that’s your left hand!” I thought. So I started over.

If you are drawing with a partner, turn and talk!


When I drew with my right hand my drawing was so wobbly that it turned me into a much older person than I already am. I was trying to eat cereal with a spoon [with my right hand, too] and I was shaky and cereal wasn’t staying on my spoon.

Very old person eating cereal standing up. [Why?]

Drawing 2

Ready? For 3 minutes, draw yourself upside down. Go!

[you are sitting upright but start your head at the bottom of the card]

If you are drawing with a partner, turn and talk!


Drawing 3

Zoom in. You can look at one of your previous drawings, or just use your imagination. You’re going to draw a close up – just part of yourself. You can zoom in on your face and neck, your hand, maybe even your feet. Draw big and fill up the frame.



Drawing 4

For 3 minutes, you’ll draw yourself like a cookie, flat like Flat Stanley. Your hands and feet will be simplified because cookie cutters can’t do detail.

When the time is up, if you are drawing with a partner, turn and talk!


Looking and Reflecting

What do you see in the drawings you made today? Is there one that stands out? One you really like?

Tomorrow we’ll be wrapping up our week of drawing together by making a 4-frame comic. See you then!

P.S. You can keep drawing & fill up as many cards as you want.

7 thoughts on “Let's Draw Comics”

  1. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! My 9 year old loves to draw comics, and we are both at home while school is cancelled. I have been helping him do some practice work in his subject while his school ramps up distance learning, but he has been missing art. (He’s at a school that incorporates art into everything, and he also has elective and after school art classes.) I showed him your post and told him you were doing it all week, and we are stoked to add some art challenges to our “school time” tomorrow. Thank you so much for the simple instructions and the challenges! I will be joining him for the astronaut in space and turning into an animal challenges tomorrow morning, and we look forward to the others.

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